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This blog has been started to try and bring together as much information as possible on the alloy engine pre-unit Triumphs.
From the early GP500 through to the last Tiger 100s and Trophies, including the low production exotica that was also produced.
Any comments, corrections or stuff for inclusion will be gratefully received.

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Jonnies Triumphs

Sunday, 18 August 2013

1959 Tiger 100 Last of the line.

Pete D has just picked up this 1959 matching number  Tiger 100, one of only 868 built that year as the curtain was coming down on the all alloy pre unit 500s.

Sunday, 11 August 2013

Back In The Day

#57 Bob Bottwell, Triumph dealer from Baltimore, #16D Roland (Seed) Hedgcock. The guy to the right of the 58A rider is Sherman Cooper a dealer from Penna.

Early Fifties Daytona GP500, rider unknown but the guy standing is Triumph Service Manager Rod Coates

Gene Smith from Fort Worth Texas riding a Jack Wilson tuned bike out of Pete Dalio's Triumph shop. It is a flat track race rather than a TT, the front brake plate is removed and they are just running the wheel.  Thanks to Keith Martin for clearing it up.

Unknown rider but a great shot.

Thanks to Sweet Pete D for the pics,
and Carl Williamson for the names to the faces.

Saturday, 10 August 2013

1952 Tiger 100 Rep Custom For Sale

On the bay for the next week, for sale in Texas
but be sure to look at all pictures carefully, as all is not what it could be.